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JOIN US Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

Parents please visit our Children's Page for more information on summer programming during our renovations. 


September 10, 2017
Annual Water Communion and Ingathering Service: “Go with the Flow.” 

Missed connections? Chaotic miscommunications?  Construction delays?  Can we really “go with the flow?”   How do we manage it when things don’t work out as planned?  Join Rev. Jess for a multigenerational launch of our congregational year.  You are invited to bring a small sampling of water representing your summer vacations and “staycations” as we mingle our experiences in this uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual.

**Members: Please arrive early to sign in on your way into the sanctuary. We will be having a very brief congregational vote at the beginning of the service to approve the expense of a new furnace.

**Due to construction delays, we will not be having our regular full potluck. Instead, please bring finger food to share so we can mingle and nibble after the service, catching up with old friends and new.


September 17, 2017
Nada Brahma: The World Is Sound.  
Rev. Jessica Rodela & Interim Music Director Rosemarie Harris.   

In this experiential hour, we explore the nuanced language and lessons awaiting us in communal sounds and silence.


September 24, 2017
Shhhhh!  Rev. Jessica P. Rodela.  

Today we introduce this season’s GRU Reads selection:  Susan Cain’s book Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.   Yes, we understand the irony that we have decided to spend this autumn talking about being quiet . . .  How can you resist?


October 1, 2017
The Friend We Have Not Met Yet.

Rev. Jessica P. Rodela, the Spirit of Life Choir, and Friends.  

What feels like a warm welcome to you?  How might we extend hospitality to one another as an expression of our Unitarian Universalist values? 


October 8, 2017
Founders, Keepers:  In Gratitude for Bob Whitton.  

Rev. Jessica P. Rodela & Julie Taylor.  

Today we share gratitude for our Unitarian Universalist heroes in an interactive multigenerational service honouring the memory of a founding member of this congregation:  Bob Whitton, in whose name our downstairs hall will be officially dedicated on this morning. 




Welcome to our Congregation!

We are a liberal religious community that draws inspiration from its Judeo-Christian heritage as well as the wisdom of world religions, our direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder, the words and deeds of prophetic women and men, humanist teachings, and the spiritual teachings of Earth-centred traditions. We include believers, doubters, and seekers; those who pray, those who meditate, and those who pour their souls out in song. We pledge to support one another in our individual searches for truth and meaning. Will you join us?

We gather for our regular Sunday services at 10:30 AM. Located in Kitchener, we draw people from all over the Waterloo region. Visitors are warmly welcomed. Please follow us on Facebook to be notified of additional updates. 


Unitarian Universalism - Are We What You've Been Looking For?

Grand River Unitarian Congregation is a proud member of the Canadian Unitarian Council's Welcoming Congregation Program. We warmly welcome and include people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. For more information, please visit Our History and scroll down midway to the Welcoming Congregation logo.